A downloadable game for Windows

The Game:

Still under development, BotZ is a game where you battle in a robot arena, getting parts and currency as rewards for customizing and upgrading your Bot to allow you to reach higher challenges. Based on 90's robot animes, it started as a project in GameDev Society UFRGS and is being developed by the college students.

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The Team:

Alexandre S. da Silva Jr. - Lead Artist and Original Concept

Leonardo Tagliaro - Lead Programmer and Technical Artist

João Batista - Gameplay Programmer

Victor Aguiar - Environment Artist

Claudio Gisch - Menu and UI Programmer

Marina Poester - 3D Modeler and UI Designer

Install instructions

First extract the .zip package then run the executable.


botz_1_1_2018.zip 30 MB


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or is it signle player 

but i got no one to play with